GEAR  November 1

smallrig for a6500

Great rig now for $30 USD, but watch out on some lens converters

Mike Mu

This is one of those items which is almost essential for run-n-gun shooters, youtubers, and anybody else that needs more places to attach stuff for their shoots.  Now, at under $30 USD its more affordable than ever to get your own rig.

The One Reason Why I Don't Use It Much... Is covered in the video below.

I have since added a wooden grip for better ergonomics, and use it almost exclusively with native mount lenses now - if that sounds like your use case, and you don't need a

focal reducer or speed booster, this might be the rig for your a6500.

Here is a video on a nifty gadget to attach stuff:

So yup.  Its what I use for the a6500 and B-Roll.