GEAR  November 6

The First Official Alexa Device For Your Car

Garmin Speak Review

Mike Mu

I grew up watching Knight Rider on TV after school.  For those of you too young to know what the show is about, basically its a secret organization that fights crime with the help of the most advanced car in the world, named KITT and David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight.  KITT is a talking autonomous car. 

Alexa is a talking intelligent device by Amazon that resides in your home, until now.  Garmin has brough Alexa to your car with navigation.

I love my Alexa devices for podcasts, news, voice control and music.  On the Garmin Speak, navigation is also added, but I will stick to Waze instead.

The following Youtube Vide is my initial impressions review after using Garmin Speak for a day or two.

And then I did a full demo on a drive after having Garmin Speak for a few weeks.


  • Alexa in Your Car - Does almost everything Alexa can do in your home
  • Piggybacks off your Smartphone's Data Plan
  • Requires Internet / Data Coverage
  • Requires Free Garmin Speak App
  • Garmin Speak App Needs to be Active Most of the Time
  • Slower response time vs Alexa at home with Wifi
  • Has GPS chip, Provides Garmin Voice Navigation with Visual Cues
  • Maps and Navigation and Traffic all included
  • Supports Bluetooth for audio in and out
  • Supports 1/8" for cars without bluetooth support
  • Super small footprint takes up very little windshield real estate
  • Costs $150 currently, and is available here.