GEAR  November 8

Alexa Alarm Clock

Vobot Smart Clock Review

Mike Mu

Vobot reached out to me after finding me on Youtube talking about the Garmin Speak and sent me a review unit.  I sort of geeked out on it and posted a 17 minute! video below.

Press Release:

Vobot is a touch-initiated Amazon Alexa enabled device. It allows users to access to their smart home appliances such as Philip Hue easily. They can also report news and audio books, check weather, traffic conditions, listen to music and add your products to your Amazon shopping lists or complete other tasks via voice control.  

Beside, it has the perks of:

- A LED display that presents date/time/notifications/countdown and world clock at a glance;

- A built-in battery, you may bring it to patio, backyard or bathroom;

- A 5W speaker makes it sound louder than Dot;

- Intuitive operation, just flip it over to snooze the alarm or shake to dismiss the alarm;

- Peek at the display and know what's playing;

- Customizable alarm music.(You can set an alarm music from TuneIn or upload whatever kind of music you like)

The 5 Watt Speaker exceeded my expectations for an alarm clock


  • Its about $40
  • Sounds better than Amazon's Echo - 5 watt speaker
  • Has Built In Battery
  • Has a useful screen
  • Can relay wifi when traveling
  • Touch enabled for Voice Commands (privacy)


  • Cannot do *everything* Amazon's Alexa Devices can do
  • ie. No Spotify support yet, No Voice Calling
  • Touch enabled for Voice Commands (not as convenient)
  • Some bugs to sort out
  • Needs Wifi or... what's the point?
  • No bluetooth