GEAR  November 17

Which Apple iPhone X Leather Case Should You Buy?

Here are a few tips

Mike Mu

I got my iPhone X from China (preordered from earlier this week.  The trouble was, it came earlier than anticipated and my iPhone X cases were not here yet. 

There are lots of videos on Youtube talking about the new cases from Apple which give good information for sure, but there were a few things that weren't mentioned which mattered to me.  I cover them in this video.

Some of the popular ones were out of stock at Apple but were coming in 2 weeks, but I managed to see that Amazon had some new stock of these:

All the Apple Leather Cases all support wireless charging.  The Folio Case opens and closes/locks the iPhone X with a built-in magnet in the cover, and has room for a few cards and cash/receipts.

Right now I'm still evaluating daily use of both of the cases, with my preference going to Product(RED) for the color and also the texture of the leather which was not mentioned in any of the other videos or reviews I came across.

The other colors were simply too slick feeling in the hand, increasing the risk that the iPhone X would slip right out.